Who we are?

The Helpmedi brand aims at supporting you and helping you, your child and your whole family in difficult times, especially during an illness and convalescence.

We intend to provide you with modern, reliable and effective solutions improving the quality of life during an illness and supporting both patients and caregivers during infections, diseases and ailments treated at home. We want to make this difficult time better and easier for you.

Our products are aimed at different people of different ages and with different needs. 

We want to be with you from the moment you plan to start a family. We want to support you when you are pregnant, after having a baby, but we also offer products that will help your entire family.

Nasal aspirators for babies and children are our main product line. 

A runny nose is one of the most common ailments in infants and young children. The condition prevents them from breathing (children under 1 year of age cannot breathe with their mouths) and eating, worsens well-being and disturbs healthy sleep. A removal of nasal secretion reduces ailments and prevents complications, such as pneumonia, bronchitis or ear-ache. We focus on efficiency, but also on convenience and mobility. Our electric-oral aspirator is the only such solution available on the market. It helps to keep your baby’s runny nose under control, no matter what the situation and where you are.

The Helpmedi electric aspirator is also intended for everyday use. In addition to secretion, the baby’s nose is often filled with impurities or burped food, which can cause suffles.
To ensure your child’s maximum comfort, you should clean the nose every day. The ultra-quiet operation of the Helpmedi aspirator allows hygiene treatments to be performed even while your toddler is asleep.

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